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Kiwiana icecream flavours. Made right here in New Zealand.

Miss Tubs ice creamery

We've created Miss Tubs Ice Creamery because we adore the combo of kiwiana flavours and smooth, creamy icecream. We want to share our taste sensation with you!

Miss Tubs Jaffa Junkie icecream tub

Jaffa Junkie

We all know the perfect sphere of choc-orange kiwi goodness that is the Jaffa. Try our Jaffa Junkie icecream - topped with the real thing - crushed Jaffa deliciousness!


It's hard to find a flavour more kiwi than pavlova, and we love pavs! Our favourite summertime dessert, crunchy outside and marshmellowy inside, crumbled on top of smooth icecream!

Miss Tubs Pavlover icecream tub
Miss Tubs Pumpin Pineapple icecream tub

Pumpin' Pineapple

Remember the ad....In the beginning some countries got luckier than others and NZ more than most because we got Pineapple Lumps? We do. And we agree, which is why we've topped our smooth icecream with crushed pineapple-choc deliciousness!

We're excited to launch!!

It's launch time! We're excited, and we'd love you to join our icecream journey.
We're part of YES, the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme in 2018 and 2017.
YES is an experiential programme where students (that's us!) set up and run a real business. Each YES company creates their own product or service and brings this to market.
We've created Miss Tubs Ice Creamery.

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